Embroidered Cat

I’m continuing to prepare for my future as a crazy cat lady by buying cat-themed clothes. This top is a little different from my usual fare – I don’t do crop tops or peplums, and I don’t wear sleeveless tops that often – but the cat embroidery is just too cute to pass up (it’s from the same shop where I bought my face masks.) Plus, it goes so well with my new (to me) high-waist flare jeans and clogs for a perfect 1970s-inspired outfit.

SIA Inspiration: Jerry Garcia

It’s Shelbee’s turn to host SIA, and here is her pick:

This is called “Feeding in the Light” by Jerry Garcia – he was best known as a founding member of Grateful Dead, but apparently he was a talented visual artist as well (you can see more of his artworks here). This lithograph is his interpretation of the colorful marine life he saw while scuba diving in Hawaii, and Shelbee picked it because the colors are so joyful and summery. I quite agree, but that also means I have no idea what to wear for this. Still, it would be fun to experiment! Remember to send your outfit to Shelbee by next Tuesday, July 26th. Enjoy!

Strawberries And Poppies

In keeping with the “face mask” theme this week, I’m pairing the strawberry mask with another dress this time. I actually got several colors that I think are neutral enough and would go well with a lot of things, and this is what I’d originally planned to pair with the strawberry one – I wear a lot of blue and navy, so the embroidery provides the perfect pop of red. I wasn’t going to accessorize my dress with anything else at first, but it was looking at bit empty, so I echoed the red with this brooch (I’m still not sure if they’re poppies or anemones. I’m leaning more toward poppies, because anemones should have black centers.)

Accessorizing In The Time Of Pandemic

Since I already featured a face mask in my SIA post, I figured I’d just make that kind of a theme this week. I remembered back in 2020, when the pandemic first started, there was all this talk about how the face mask was going to become the next big thing in fashion. That went nowhere, because people still prefer to show their faces than cover it up. For me, though, the face mask has always been a staple – most of us in Vietnam wear face masks when we go out anyway, due to pollution, so after 2 years of the pandemic, wearing a face mask has become second nature to me. And since I’m wearing them so much, I decided to incorporate them into my outfits – I was partly inspired by the looks in The Great British Sewing Bee, where the models always have masks made from the scrap fabric of the garment they are wearing, and partly because I’ve discovered this shop that sells lovely embroidered face masks. They fit right in with my style, and they’re great for “function meets fashion” – always my favorite style spot.

P/S: This dress could’ve worked for SIA too, but I wanted to wear it because it matches the mask almost perfectly.

SIA Inspiration: F. Childe Hassam

Happy Fourth of July to my US readers! It’s Terri’s turn to host SIA, and here is her pick:

This is called “Strawberry Tea Set” by American Impressionist F. Childe Hassam, part of a “window series” depicting female figures set in comfortable domestic interiors. The soft colors and the strawberry motif are spot-on for summer, so I’m looking forward to this. Send your outfits to Terri (meadowtreestyle@gmail.com) by next Tuesday, July 12th. Have fun!