Sheep By The Sea

It’s SIA time! The inspiration this week is Rosa Bonheur’s “Sheep by the Sea”, and by a stroke of luck, we just had a cold snap this week, so here I am, in sweater and wool culottes and boots – unimaginable, considering this time last year I was still wearing a single layer. The cold snap is not going to last long, but even then, the weather is not warming up too much. It looks like we’re going to get some proper fall weather this year, hurray!

Anyway, back to the outfit. I knew I’d wear this sweater, which perfectly captures the color and texture of the sheep’s woolly coats, but the rest of it took some thinking. Eventually, I remembered this pair of culottes, since they have the brown and green of the background in the painting. Plus the tag says Glen Prince (from what I can gather it’s a British wool company), which is very apt, considering the painting is supposedly of the Scottish Highlands. Finally, I added a little neckerchief to mimic the blue sky, and these boots to finish the outfit. I was trying to pull off the whole “Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral” look, not sure if I succeed, but I like it.

Don’t forget to drop by Terri’s blog on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by this lovely painting!

SIA Inspiration: Rosa Bonheur

It’s Terri’s turn to host SIA, and here’s her pick:

Since the last two challenges have pretty intense colors, Terri wanted to choose something softer and more calming, so she went with this “Sheep by the Sea” painting by French artist Rosa Bonheur. My immediate reaction to the painting is that it reminds me of Iceland, and as it turns out, I’m not far off – Rosa Bonheur painted it after her trip to the Scottish Highlands, and the landscapes of those places are certainly similar. The coziness of the painting is just right for this time of year too. So put together an outfit, send it to Terri ( by next Tuesday (Nov 2), and check her blog on Wednesday to see how everybody does. Have fun!

Jazz Stories

What’s this? What’s this? (I know the song is more appropriate for Christmas, but it fits here too.) Am I wearing a… blazer? Yes! We just had some rain over the weekend and the temperature has dropped enough for me to actually wear some layers. If it wasn’t for that, I would probably have to wear my reliable red printed dress again for this week’s SIA, inspired by Faith Ringgold’s “Jazz Stories”. However, thanks to the temperature drop, I decided to reflect the colors and patterns in the piece with my red blazer (check out the pattern of the lining), yellow skirt, and navy loafers. A brooch shaped by a musical instrument would’ve been perfect, but I don’t have any – I can’t play any musical instrument and figure it would be presumptuous for me to wear one. So I wore this lady-shaped brooch instead – it kind of looks like the lady in the painting anyway, so it’s not that far off.

Don’t forget to check Daenel’s blog on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by this!

SIA Inspiration: Faith Ringgold

It’s Daenel’s turn to host SIA, and here is her pick:

This is “Jazz Stories” by Faith Ringgold. It’s a super fun and colorful piece, and Daenel picked it because she loves “the creativity that flowed from the Harlem Renaissance” and to her, jazz is the epitome of that era. I have no idea what I’m going to wear yet, but I can’t wait to find out. Remember to send your outfits to Daenel ( by next Tuesday, October 19th. Have fun!

SIA: Flower Decoupages

Welcome to another week of SIA! This week, our inspiration is the wonderful flower paper collages/decoupages of Mary Delany, and everybody brought out their best autumnal floral looks, so let’s get to it!

First up is Shelbee, who went with the blue cornflowers and layered a summer dress on a black turtleneck to make it more weather-appropriate:

Up next is my co-host, Daenel, who, like me, went with the red peony, but she chose to mimic the textures rather than the colors:

My other co-host, Terri, wore the unusual color combination of red and olive green, but it’s a great representation of the inspiration, I think:

Reni chose the cornflowers as well. The black background of her dress and accessories are perfect:

Kezzie went with the general feel of the pieces rather than a particular one, but her outfit is great too:

We have a newcomer this week – Darlene. She, too, went with the general floral theme of the inspiration. Welcome to SIA, Darlene!

Suzy went with a color-blocked look, with her dark red sneakers as a fun, unexpected touch:

Finally, here’s me:

It’s been a great challenge! Thank you for participating, and don’t forget to check back next week for a new inspiration, courtesy of Daenel!