Seasonal Accessories

Does anybody match their accessories/jewelry to the season? I’m not talking about colors, but rather the theme of the piece itself. Since I mostly wear brooches, I always coordinate them not just to my outfits, but to the season as well. Sometimes, they can be obvious – like a snowflake in the winter or a brown leaf in the fall or here, a bunch of flowers in the spring. Sometimes, though, I have my own logic, such as how I’d mostly wear my wooden brooches in the fall because they’re kind of rustic and in my mind, rustic = fall somehow? Anyway, it’s a long-winded way of saying that this dress may be more appropriate for the fall, but I spring it up by adding a floral brooch.

Desert Hermit

Happy May the Fourth! To be honest, I haven’t kept up with the Star Wars fandom in a while – after the disappointment of The Rise of Skywalker, I just wasn’t invested anymore (I did watch The Mandalorian, but not The Book of Boba Fett and probably not the upcoming Obi-Wan either, despite what the post title says. I like The Mandalorian because at least it explored something newish, instead of just rehashing old characters.) This outfit did not start out as a tribute to Star Wars, but the socks are kind of Tatooine-esque, and I’m posting on May 4th, so I’m still going to pretend it’s a Star Wars-inspired outfit anyway (the truth is that I just wanted to try styling these socks with these clogs to see if I can. The result is not bad, but it’s definitely very casual.)

Bee Square

Here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by Anne M. Bray’s “Scrappy Square” fabric art. After looking through the various squares, I ended up choosing Shelbee’s namesake, “ShelBee”, made from a scarf that she gave Anne and some bee-printed fabric (hence my post title). I went with my yellow skirt and gingham ruffled blouse to mimic the colors and patterns of the piece, and of course, I had to top it off with my bee brooch. (Also, you have may noticed the background change. We’re having some work done on the house and the front yard has been taken over by material. This lawn is not a bad replacement, but the grass tends to get high and there are bugs, which is why I prefer to stick to the yard.)

Don’t forget to drop by Shelbee’s blog on Wednesday to see what everybody wore this week!


This is definitely more of a “fall” outfit than a “spring” outfit, but I just got this sweater and while we were enjoying some last coolness (I wouldn’t call it a cold snap) of the season, I had to wear it before it gets too hot. The rest of the outfit is pretty simple, though I did have some fun with the brooch. See, I wanted to add some accessory to the top, but it’s got a pretty busy print, and none of my brooches really stands out against it. Then I noticed the print is of safari animals – giraffes and zebras and so on – and what’s the other thing you can also find on a safari? Dung beetles, of course. It just happens that I also have a dung/scarab beetle brooch that stands out nicely against the brown top. It may not be that noticeable, but I still knew it’s there and got a kick out of it 🙂

SIA Inspiration: Anne M. Bray

It’s once again Shelbee’s turn to host SIA, and here’s her pick:

These piece of fabric art are called “Scrappy Squares” and made by Shelbee’s friend, Anne M. Bray, using scraps from unwanted and recycled clothing. The squares are often inspired by people, and Shelbee has her own square as well:

How fun is that? You can choose whichever square you like and put together an outfit inspired by it. I love that the squares started out as clothes, and now they’re inspiring outfits. Remember to send your outfits to Shelbee ( by next Tuesday, May 3rd. Have fun!