I didn’t realize how many maroon/burgundy pieces I have in my closet until I did a recent inventory. In fact, on the “warm” side of the color wheel, brown and maroon are pretty much all I have, with a few mustard yellow pieces here and there. But it makes sense though. I can’t wear primary colors without looking like a clown, and what is maroon/burgundy but an earth-toned red, right? And because I have so much of it, sometimes I just want to have fun and pair all of them together. Who says monochromatic has to be boring black, white, and gray?


2 Comments on “Maroon/Burgundy”

  1. Kezzie says:

    I very much like your version of monochrome here! Burgundy is a gorgeous colour- so classic! I bought a gorgeous pair of burgundy, wide-legged corduroy, cropped trousers in November and I love them! Only wore them once on my blog in December but worn them loads!
    Did you do the book summary post this year? I love seeing your reads and opinions on books!

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