A Year In Review: Favorite SIA Challenges Of 2022

Here we are, another year gone. As usual, let’s take a look at some of my favorite things in 2022, starting with Style Imitating Art challenges! We’ve had a lot of great artworks this year, but here are my favorites (some I picked because I like the inspirations, others because I like the outfits):

The first one is inspired by Rus Khasanov’s “Sweet Dreams”. The video is so gorgeous, and I was quite happy with my interpretation of it:

This one, inspired by Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”, was a super quick and easy outfit:

This one, inspired by Christi Belcourt’s “The Mystery of Water”, is a very loose interpretation, but I’m quite pleased with it:

This one, inspired by Anne M. Bray’s “Scrappy Squares”, is a “proper” SIA interpretation, in that I took careful consideration of the artwork and reflected each element of it in each piece of my outfit, and I was super happy with the end result:

This one, inspired by Carl Larsson’s “Karin at the Shore”, because it allowed me to make the most out of my waistcoat for a bit of summer layering:

This one, inspired by Childe Hasam’s “Strawberry Tea Set”, is just pretty:

This one, inspired by Keith Haring’s “Tree of Life”. I like my interpretation of it, which took inspiration from the original artwork but stayed close to my personal style:

This one, inspired by by the Untitled Film Stills project of Cindy Sherman. The artwork is unusual (we don’t often feature photos on SIA), and I do like how my outfit turned out:

This one, inspired by Juan Gris’s “The Guitar”, because I like the different textures and the menswear-inspired look of the outfit:

And finally this one, inspired by Andres Valencia’s “Tom and Jenny”, again because of the menswear angle:

What a fun year of SIA! I’m looking forward to seeing more challenges in 2023, and don’t forget to check back after the New Year for a new inspiration!


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