SIA: Golfing Cats

Welcome to the last SIA challenge of 2022! Our inspiration this week is Louis Wain’s illustrations of cats playing golf, and everybody came out in fine style. Let’s get to it!

First up is Reni, who took inspiration from the kilt-wearing cat and put together her own outfit including a hat!

Up next is my co-host, Shelbee, who chose these boots to mimic the cat’s gaiters/spats, and of course, she had to wear a hat:

Michelle chose not to go with the plaid, but her cozy jacket, boots, and hat perfectly reflected the colors of the illustrations:

My other co-host, Terri, went with a vintage 49er Pendleton jacket for the plaid, a red beret (natch), and a golf club!

Sally didn’t wear a hat (thank God, I thought I was the only one that went hatless for this challenge), but she did include a golf club and some Alice in Wonderland touches, because the illustrations remind her of the croquet scene:

And finally, here’s me:

What a fun way to conclude a year of SIA! Big thanks to everybody for participating, not just in this round but in SIA throughout the year. We’ll be back after the New Year, so don’t forget to come back for a new inspiration!

2 Comments on “SIA: Golfing Cats”

  1. Everyone looks so great! I just laughed out loud that you were glad Sally didn’t wear a hat! Hahaha. I think I wear hat a least 80% of the time! I cannot help myself, I love hats!


  2. I loved seeing the common themes – plaids, boots, brown/rust colors, HATS – as well as the unique spin everyone put on it. I expected to be the only one without a prominent cat motif, but I was wrong! This was a terrifically fun way to end SIA 2022.

    My favorite bits:
    Reni – double plaid and a great kilt-looking skirt
    Shelbee – the whimsical cat-related waistcoat
    Michelle – leaning into the light blue + rust color combo
    Terri – the smart jacket + beret
    Salazar – the cats

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