Putt, Putt, Swing

Full disclosure: I have two outfits for this week’s SIA, but one of them – the one with the pants – is an old one that I actually wore earlier this year and completely forgot about. I only stumbled upon when I went digging through my old photo folders. By a stroke of luck, it worked perfectly well for the cat-and-golf theme of the artwork (the plaid pants are reminiscent of vintage golf attire, and the cat sweater is self-explanatory), so I used it to build my actual SIA outfit, with the same sweater and also with plaid but a skirt instead of pants. And in the illustrations, the cats are wearing both trousers and kilts anyway, so both outfits work.

(In an unrelated note, these boots completely bit the dust after I took these photos. Luckily I have another pair of brown lace-up boots, but those have a bit of a heel so they’re not as comfy.)

If you haven’t sent me your outfit, you still have until tomorrow, and don’t forget to come back on Wednesday to see what everybody wears!


2 Comments on “Putt, Putt, Swing”

  1. I love your cat sweater, Salazar! Both outfits are fabulous. I prefer the darker plaid pants just because I personally like those colors more on me, but the tan plaid skirt is so perfect for this challenge!


  2. The cat sweater is so cute and perfect for this round. The skirt is good but those pants are amazing! Love them.

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