Leaf Of Lorien

I have some very specific weaknesses when it comes to accessories – or brooches, to be more exact, since that’s pretty much my only kind of accessories. For example, I love anything that has to do with nature, but I’d go for realistic-looking brooches of bugs, flowers, and leaves, while for actual vertebrates, I’d go for more of a cartoon depiction. Also, anything Art Nouveau, forget about it, I’d have to have it. So when I saw this ivy leaf clip, I snapped it up right away even though it’s a scarf clip and not a brooch. But come on, it looks straight out of an Alphonse Mucha poster, how could I pass it up?


2 Comments on “Leaf Of Lorien”

  1. annickverschooren says:

    Nice outfit perfect for fall or winter. Pity the pullover is only slightly visible – are those long or short sleeves ? Grts A.

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