Tom And Jenny

For this week’s SIA, inspired by Andres Valencia’s “Tom and Jenny“, I knew I’d wear something menswear-inspired with some pops of color. The “menswear” part is easy enough – I just went with the black-and-gray color scheme and added my velvet waistcoat for some extra texture. The pops of color, however, took some thinking, because I don’t have anything in those bright shades of pink, yellow, and green. I tried wearing a scarf, but it doesn’t look right with the blazer. In the end, I went with this tie (borrowed from my dad) and a brooch, since the pattern of the tie reflects the graphic quality of the painting, and the brooch… well, I already represented the man in my outfit, so the brooch is to represent the lady. The colors aren’t the same, but they reflect the general vibe of the painting, so I’m happy with it.

Don’t forget to drop by Shelbee’s blog on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by this painting!


4 Comments on “Tom And Jenny”

  1. Hello, we went in the same direction for this one! I really like what you did.

  2. OMG, Salazar, I am smiling so big at this outfit! I love it so much! I knew that both you and Terri would appreciate the opportunity for some menswear inspiration as well as the black, white, and gray color palette while I still wanted some bright colors to inspire me! Your interpretation is brilliant and of course you had the perfect brooch to pin the whole thing together!


  3. Great menswear look…and the brooch is perfect of course!

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