The Big Five

I always try to keep my accessories in the same general “theme” as the rest of my outfit. The last time I wore this sweater, I paired it with a scarab beetle brooch because scarab beetles can often be found in a safari, and this time, I paired it with my leopard brooch as a nod to the “Big Five” safari animals – lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo. I also wore my alligator/crocodile boots – crocodile is not one of the Big Five, but they can be found in Africa too, so they’re still appropriate for the theme.

One of my own “Big Four” 😀 As usual, she’s quite uninterested in my photo-taking


One Comment on “The Big Five”

  1. Always good to keep your pet-accessories in the same color scheme/theme as the outfit – well done! 🙂

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