Tie The Knot

No, I’m not getting married (ha!) I’m just trying out a new accessory this fall/winter season – ties. I’ve always wanted to try them out but was afraid they would look too mannish, but when I came across some floral ties at one of my favorite secondhand shops, I thought they may be a good practice. I’m starting slow first, going with with a plain outfit that picks up the colors from the tie – the background matches my pants exactly, and the blue print matches my shirt. I’m sure that when I get more comfortable with wearing them, I’ll try different, less “feminine” patterns as well. And hopefully get better at tying them too! I thought tying a tie was simple, but man, it took me so long to get this right. No wonder there are so many video tutorials.


2 Comments on “Tie The Knot”

  1. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

    Salazar, I love this outfit! Ties are such a fun accessory. They always give me the most fabulous Diane Keaton vibes! I have two that I only occasionally bring out to wear. One is black and tan polka dots and one is a dark floral. Both are more feminine prints and both I found at my favorite second hand shop! You have inspired me to try to incorporate them more. I really love all of the pieces of your outfit. Your trousers are really cool and I love your shoes and the whole color palette of this look!


  2. I love love love how this turned out! The rich colors, those shoes I always admire, the perfect tie…just great.

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