Hobbit Chic

Hey, remember a couple of weeks ago when I was dressing in fall colors in an attempt to bring fall weather here more quickly? It may have worked! (Just kidding, the weather is due to cool down around October anyway). It’s not cool enough for sweaters yet – heck, it’s barely even cool enough for long sleeves – but there is an almost imperceptible change in the air, a tiny hint of crispness early in the morning and when you’re in the shadow, enough for me to bring out my woolen waistcoats. The waistcoat and the earth tones of this outfit remind me of the Hobbits’ costumes, so, in lieu of a Leaf of Lorien, I accessorized it with my own leaf brooch (I actually have another brooch that looks more like the Leaf of Lorien brooch, but I like the understated feel of this one with this outfit more.)


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