School Uniform

Since I started incorporating the waistcoat into my closet more, I’ve always wanted to pair a waistcoat with a skirt, but I hesitated because I thought it would look like a school uniform. This year, I got some new waistcoats and decided to give it another go. I realized the “school uniform” look is due to the fact that I tended to pair the waistcoat with plain white button-ups, so I went with a different shirt this time – it’s not that different from a plain white button-up, being a white pussy-bow blouse with black polka dots, but at least it worked! I leaned into the menswear element by tying the bow like a cravat and adding a pin to it (like a tie pin) to it, and I’m quite happy with the result. And you know what the irony is? For all my effort to not make the outfit look like a school uniform, this waistcoat was actual school uniform (it says “Shibetsu High School” on the buttons. Apparently it’s a school in Hokkaido.)

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