SIA: Castle and Sun

Welcome to another SIA challenge! Our inspiration this week is “Castle and Sun” by Paul Klee, and I was right in thinking that having two colorful paintings back-to-back would be difficult, so we only have a small group this time. Nevertheless, those who participated did a great job, so let’s check them out:

First up is my co-host, Terri, who wore a geometrical-printed sheath dress. The print and the colors are so perfect, it’s like it was made for this challenge:

Up next is my other co-host, Shelbee, who also went the geometrical route, but in a more Shelbee-esque outfit with a kimono wrap and a sundress:

Sally went with a lighter, more summery palette, but it still reflects the painting quite well, and check out her amazing upcycled earrings:

Finally, here’s me:

Thank you for participating, and remember to check back next week for a new inspiration, chosen by Terri!


4 Comments on “SIA: Castle and Sun”

  1. August is a hard month with so many people on vacation. But I agree that all these outfits are marvelous interpretations of the painting!

  2. I love all of these outfits! I think many of our usual participants have been unable to participate this time due to traveling, family things, and moving house! So hopefully they all return soon!


  3. Sorry, I have nothing in my cupboard that could have served as interpretation of the painting.
    XO Reni

  4. […] you want to join us for this week’s challenge and be featured with your art inspired outfit in Salazar’s review post on August 10, 2022, be sure to submit your photos to her at by 10:00 […]

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