Accessorizing In The Time Of Pandemic

Since I already featured a face mask in my SIA post, I figured I’d just make that kind of a theme this week. I remembered back in 2020, when the pandemic first started, there was all this talk about how the face mask was going to become the next big thing in fashion. That went nowhere, because people still prefer to show their faces than cover it up. For me, though, the face mask has always been a staple – most of us in Vietnam wear face masks when we go out anyway, due to pollution, so after 2 years of the pandemic, wearing a face mask has become second nature to me. And since I’m wearing them so much, I decided to incorporate them into my outfits – I was partly inspired by the looks in The Great British Sewing Bee, where the models always have masks made from the scrap fabric of the garment they are wearing, and partly because I’ve discovered this shop that sells lovely embroidered face masks. They fit right in with my style, and they’re great for “function meets fashion” – always my favorite style spot.

P/S: This dress could’ve worked for SIA too, but I wanted to wear it because it matches the mask almost perfectly.

One Comment on “Accessorizing In The Time Of Pandemic”

  1. Mike says:

    Awesome face mask! I like how it matches your outfit. Since 2020, it’s become as natural for me to grab one of my masks as it is to grab my house keys or phone. Lately, I’ve been setting them out the night before with what I’m going to be wearing for the next day to save a step in my morning routine. I really need to look into getting some new cloth ones as I’ve been using the same ones for about 2 years now and the wear is clearly showing (I still use a disposable one underneath for extra protection). I’m hoping to find some black ones to match my all black motif as color is just not my thing.

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