I’ve always wanted a cloisonne brooch. There is something about the look of cloisonne that screams “vintage” to me (not surprising, since the technique has been around since antiquity), and the designs often have a touch of Art Nouveau about them, which I love. So I was quite excited to find this brooch – between the cloisonne, the floral design, and the cutouts, it’s just so me. I paired it with a simple outfit so it can really shine, but I’m thinking it could work on a more maximalist outfit too. Let’s wait until fall/winter and see if I could wear it more.


2 Comments on “Cloisonne”

  1. […] inspired by a certain decade – first the 1930s, then the outfit with the cloisonne brooch is 1940s, and this one is 1950s. It just goes to show how versatile a good basic piece can be. The shirt […]

  2. riansyah says:

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