SIA: Karin At The Shore

Welcome to another week of SIA! Our inspiration this week is “Karin at the Shore” by Swedish artist Carl Larsson, and although the common theme seems to be floral, the looks are quite varied. Let’s check them out!

First up is my co-host, Shelbee, in a spot-on blue dress and black floral-printed kimono, and a spot-on pose too:

Up next is my other co-host, Terri, who went with the colors and featured flowers in her background instead:

Here is Kezzie, adorable as always:

Marsha found the perfect shirt for this challenge from her to-be-donate pile – talk about serendipity!

Sally also went with a layered look – I love the floral-on-gingham print:

Michelle went with floral too, but she featured green rather than blue in her outfit. Super summery!

Our Instagram participant, bu_terka, is also back with a minimalist outfit – unexpected, but I quite like it:

And finally, moi (or, considering the Swedish origin of this painting, I should say “mig”, which is Swedish for “me”):

Big thanks to everybody for participating! Don’t forget to come back next week for Terri’s pick – it’s the Fourth of July too, so I’m excited to see what she has in mind!

3 Comments on “SIA: Karin At The Shore”

  1. What a beautiful collection! The flowers did inspire.

  2. Everyone did such an amazing job as always! I am loving the variety of floral prints that showed up for this one.


  3. Such a great collection of outfits (as always!). I enjoyed seeing how Karin’s clothes and the flowers showed up in different amounts in the various outfits. We had both very Karin inspired and very floral inspired and everything in between!

    Michelle, I couldn’t find your post on your blog, but if you see this…Love how the fun shoes made another appearance in this SIA! They were a great choice to complete your vibrant floral outfit.

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