It’s starting to warm up around here (boo), and I’m slowly bringing out my lighter clothes. However, it’s been a long winter – not particularly cold, but it seems I got to wear my winter clothes for a lot longer than usual – and I feel a little out of practice when it comes to warm-weather clothes. So I started with my short-sleeve sweaters first (you’ll see a lot more of them in the coming weeks), so I would get used to the idea of wearing short sleeves again. I don’t celebrate Easter (which is why I titled the post “Eostre”, after the Germanic goddess of dawn/spring and the namesake of the festival of Easter), but I must be feeling its influence, because I decided to pair it with this gingham skirt. There’s just something about the crochet top, the pastel flowers, and the gingham that screams “Easter” to me.

(You may notice that I tag these clogs “beige”, even though they’re clearly dark brown. Well, they used to be beige, but the spring humidity has wreaked havoc on them, so I had to stain them with dark brown polish to mask all the mold spots. That’s one of the reasons I don’t like spring – the humidity is absolute murder.)

2 Comments on “Eostre”

  1. mybijoulife says:

    Such a sweet outfit! I can see why it “screams” Easter.

  2. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

    What a fun outfit to celebrate the arrival of spring! And I love the post title! Fun, fun fun. I also will keep in mind that shoe repair trick so thanks for sharing that tidbit.


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