Dream Bag

I don’t often include bags with my outfits, because I don’t consider them an essential part of the outfit, and as a result, I only have two bags – a backpack for my laptop and a tote for everything else (occasionally, when I travel – which is never these days – I would also use a cross-body bag for my phone, passport, and wallet.) However, I’ve been looking for a way to streamline my backpack and tote into one everyday bag. A laptop bag is too utilitarian, and more importantly, it doesn’t fit my overall style. After some searching, I set my eyes on a satchel/messenger bag, and after even a longer time scouring secondhand/vintage store, I finally found this. It’s pretty much the perfect bag for me – it fits my laptop and all my odds and ends, and it also hits my style sweet spot (vintage, Dark Academia, menswear-inspired) – so of course I had to give it its own post. The outfit is just an afterthought, really (it’s my take on this outfit worn by the fabulous Farrah Fawcett.)

One Comment on “Dream Bag”

  1. I have a very similar one. I used it for work when I was a teacher. I also like your shoes a lot. And your blouse too.
    XO Reni

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