A Girl And Her Dogs

You know how we always say there are two kinds of people? Coke or Pepsi. Ketchup or mustard. Dog or cat. But I’d say there are three kinds of people – some people may like both. As much as I’m a self-proclaimed cat lady, I love dogs as much as cats. I have plenty of cat-themed things already, so I always try to buy dog-themed clothes and accessories whenever I can, and this brooch is perfect – I mean, the girl even looks like me, with her ponytail and skirt! I tried to get my dogs to be in the photos with me, but of course, they’re always turn out to be camera-shy whenever I actually want them in the photos (and start photo-bombing me whenever I don’t).

P/S: The title is a reference to A Boy and His Dog, the dark post-apocalyptic novella by Harlan Ellison (which was adapted into a movie with Don Johnson), not A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World, the post-apocalyptic novel by C. A. Fletcher.

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