A Tale Of Two Cities

It’s been a while since I utilized socks to add colors and patterns to my outfit, mostly because I’ve been relying on other things for those (patterned sweaters and vests, for one thing) and I haven’t found any new socks that really excite me. But when I bought this sweater (another graphic one), I immediately remembered these “cityscape” socks I’ve had for a while but haven’t got a chance to show off on the blog yet, and happily, they go together! I kept the rest of the outfit simple, but I couldn’t help adding another whimsical touch – a brooch featuring these fabric owls. If they had been pigeons or crows, it would’ve fit my “city” theme better, but owls would have to do.


5 Comments on “A Tale Of Two Cities”

  1. Salazar, this sweater is so fun! I really like the cityscape and how you pinned the owls to the roof of a building! Adorable look from head to toe, my friend!


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  3. Sarah says:

    hello! can i ask where you got the sweater, or what label it has? thank you!

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