The Thousand Quilt

This is my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by “The Thousand Quilt” by Elizabeth Shippen Green. I had to admit, I struggled with this one a bit because there are so many patterns and colors in it, and I know I couldn’t reflect all of them in my outfit. In the end, I went with this sweater and shirt combo because the brown, blue, and red patterns reflect some of the details in the illustration – from the floral lampshade to the carved back of the chair to the curtain (or wallpaper?) in the background – and it is a nod to the graphic of the quilt as well. I tried pairing it with my green corduroy pants (for the green wall), but they don’t go with the sweater, so I opted for these brown ones instead. It helps that the brown of the pants matches the brown of the sweater exactly, and there is a lot of brown in the illustration as well. So I ended up quite happy with the outfit, even if I did struggle with it.

Don’t forget to drop by Terri’s blog on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by this illustration!


4 Comments on “The Thousand Quilt”

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  2. Salazar, this outfit came out so cute! I really like the red gingham collar peeking out from your sweater. And the colors really are very pretty and very accurately portray the color mood of the illustration. Despite your struggle with this one, you did a fabulous job!


  3. I love how you always find a way to interpret the works but at the same time you keep your distinctive style. The color story is right and, like Shelbee, I love the gingham collar peeking out.

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