No Lump

I don’t often pay much attention to all those “style tips” articles. Most of the times they just complicate things – like, why do I need a 7-step guide on how to roll my sleeves? – and don’t apply to my style at all. That said, there is one “style tip” that I do find useful, which is tucking my sweater into a belt instead of the waistband of my skirt/pants to avoid a lumpy waist. I don’t have to use this trick very often, as most of my sweaters can be left untucked or are thin enough to be tucked into the waistband, but it still works particularly well when the sweater is thick or long, like here. I also find that an elastic belt works better than the typical leather ones.

One Comment on “No Lump”

  1. Okay, I have heard of this trick before but have not yet figured out how to do it! And you just solved my problem with the elastic style belt. This is such a great outfit! I find tucking sweaters into skirts can be a tedious affair to avoid the lump and now I have some things to try with this new style tip. Speaking of style tips, I laughed out loud at “why do I need a 7-step guide on how to roll my sleeves?” Ha. I hear ya!


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