Help Wanted & SIA Inspiration: Rus Khasanov

Happy 2022! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful and safe New Year celebration. We have two orders of business today. First up is the sad news that Daenel has decided to step away from hosting SIA. Terri and I certainly going to miss her, and we wish her all the best. In the meantime, we’re looking for another co-host. Having three hosts brings a lot of variety to the challenge and helps to space out the linkup so it’s not much of a burden on our schedule. So if you have a blog, are interested in art and fashion, and can keep a regular posting schedule, please contact me ( and/or Terri ( before January 21st, for more details.

The second order of business is as usual: my pick for the first SIA challenge of 2022. It’s something a bit different – it’s a video by Russian visual artist Rus Khasanov, who uses household material such as soap, oil, and paint to create mesmerizing abstract works of art. His videos are all amazing, but after some debate, I decided to choose “Sweet Dreams“. You can watch the full video on his website, and here’s some gifs and screencaps to give you an idea:

Gorgeous, right? Since it’s the New Year and everything has been so drab and bleak lately, I thought we could do with some colors and glitter. Remember to send your outfits to me by next Tuesday, January 11th, and don’t forget to contact me and Terri if you’re interested in hosting as well!

2 Comments on “Help Wanted & SIA Inspiration: Rus Khasanov”

  1. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

    Cool pick this time, Salazar! So fun! And I would love to co-host SIA with you and Terri! I participate every time anyway, so why not! I will email you both. Happy New Year!


  2. […] The inspiration artwork was curated by Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey. You can read why she has chosen this specific piece as her inspiration artwork here. […]

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