Short Sleeve Sweater And A Slice Of Pizza

This fall/winter season, I’ve been loving the short-sleeve sweaters/knit tops. I’ve worn them last year too, but this year I’ve found several secondhand/vintage ones that really help to solidify my 1940s-inspired style. I’m aiming for tops like these or these, but those can be difficult to find. I tend to look better in something more streamlined anyway, so a simple cut like this one works well – it can look vintage or modern depending on how I style it.

As for the “slice of pizza” part? Well, my niece and nephew said that my brooch looks just like a slice of pizza, and I haven’t been able to unsee it since :)) I actually don’t know what my brooch is supposed to be, probably just an abstract design, but a “golden slice of pizza” certainly sounds better.

3 Comments on “Short Sleeve Sweater And A Slice Of Pizza”

  1. Emilia says:

    That’s a lovely outfit! That skirt reminds me slightly of certain 1980s tech designs, while still managing to look good with the whole 40s style. I’ve noticed this with several things from the 30s and 40s having a slight 80s while to them somehow. Are you wearing those shoes without socks though?

  2. […] be, but doesn’t it look exactly like one of those galaxy-glazed donuts? Between this and my pizza slice brooch, it seems I’m building up quite a collection of unintentional food-shaped […]

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