Picnic Girl

There’s a whole reference behind this post title and the outfit, so please bear with me. Anybody here a fan of Taskmaster (the British comedy show, not the Marvel comic book character)? It’s my latest obsession – I spent both lockdowns, last year and this year, binging all 11 seasons of it (it’s on its 12th now.) It’s absolutely hilarious, and if you enjoy British comedy, it’s a must-watch. The term “picnic girl” came from this exchange between the host, Greg Davies, and one of the contestants, Sarah Kendall, in the season 11 finale, in which he made fun of her supposedly “tough” apocalypse backpack by calling her “picnic girl” (you have to watch the whole thing for it to make sense. And if you feel like watching the entire episode after all, no problem. I’ll wait.)

Anyway, as I was putting this outfit together, I looked at the skirt and thought, hey, it kinda looks like a picnic table cloth (yes, I know the traditional ones are red checkered. That’s why I said “kinda”). Being obsessed with Taskmaster, my thought immediately jumped to “picnic girl”, and I decided to stick to the picnic theme by wearing my racoon brooch – because what’s a picnic without some trash pandas, right?

One Comment on “Picnic Girl”

  1. Kezzie says:

    This looks so comfortable!

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