For this week’s SIA outfit, inspired by John Singer Sargent’s “Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth”, I went with a different direction. I could’ve worn my green dress, but I wanted to give a nod to the beetlewing embroidery too, so, in the end, I went with something more modern and casual – my insect T-shirt. See, the Lady Macbeth costume is covered in beetle wings, and my shirt is covered in beetles too! I paired it with my black jeans to keep the dark color scheme of the painting, and to top it off, I wore my two beetle brooches on my shoes. The T-shirt and the brooches all added some more textures and colors, certainly more than just the dress alone, so I’m really happy with the outfit.

Don’t forget to send me your outfits if you haven’t already, and come back on Wednesday to see all the outfits inspired by this painting!

2 Comments on “Beetles”

  1. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

    Salazar, I love that you took a casual approach to your outfit for this one. It is such a cute outfit, too! I love your beetle tee and your beetle brooches on your shoes! How fun! This painting was a really great inspiration piece. I do love all these dark shades of green and teal.


  2. […] roundup of submissions. You can also read the details of Salazar’s own inspired outfit here, Daenel’s here, and Terri’s here. Have you joined the Style Imitating […]

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