2D Bow

For my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli’s sweater, I decided to keep things simple. The focus of the outfit is, of course, this shirt with its 2D embroidered bow, which perfectly mimics the 2D bow on the sweater. The sweater itself is black and white, so I paired the shirt simply with my black culottes and oxfords. Done. No fuss no muss.

Now, if you still haven’t sent me your outfits, you still have until tomorrow. And don’t forget to come back on Wednesday to see other outfits inspired by this design!

3 Comments on “2D Bow”

  1. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

    What a cute blouse, Salazar! I love the 2D bow on it. And this no fuss, no muss black and white combination is a perfect combination!


  2. You nailed it with your embroidered bow!!!
    XOXO Reni

  3. […] complete roundup of submissions. You can also read the details of Salazar’s own inspired outfit here, Terri’s here, and Daenel’s here. Have you joined the Style Imitating Art challenges yet? […]

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