Wearing The Pants

Here I am, continuing with my 1940s-inspired outfits. I meant to use these jeans as a stand-in for those straight-leg/wide-leg 1940s pants (something like these or these), and the blazer, with its strong shoulder, is also vaguely 1940s. Luckily for me, “80s/90s does 40s” garments are in abundance in secondhand/vintage stores around here, so I’m able to find a lot of pieces with that vintage vibe. I know they’re not exactly accurate, but then again I’m not a cosplayer or reenactor – and besides, if I ever find an authentic 1940s piece, I would probably be too scared of damaging it to actually wear it!

2 Comments on “Wearing The Pants”

  1. I love your plaid and the big shoulders. The one thing I miss about the 80’s (yes, I am way old enough to have been there in strong force!) was the big shoulders. Throughout the years, I’ve found a few Escada pieces on eBay with wonderful shoulders. You are right about real vintage from the 40’s. I’m lucky enough to have one jacket and I rarely wear it for that reason. You panic if you get something one because I just don’t trust the dry cleaners not to ruin it.

  2. A fabulous outfit, Salazar!

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