We Can Do It!

Do you guys have any plans for Halloween? I guess that due to the pandemic, there won’t be a lot of parties, but that doesn’t stop you from dressing up, does it? I’m never been one to dress up in full costumes – I always prefer a more practical, real-world approaching to dressing up, i.e. my costume should work as an actual outfit and not just a costume. Take this, for example. I wouldn’t call it a costume, but it is inspired by the casual 1940s/1950s look with the jeans, tie-front shirt, headscarf, and saddle shoes. The colors – blue, yellow, and red – are reminiscent of the “Rosie the Riveter” poster as well, hence my post title. So it is not a costume, but it’s a little more costume-y than my everyday outfit. Consider it my nod to Halloween.

One Comment on “We Can Do It!”

  1. Kezzie says:

    I love this! I don’t do Halloween costumes though I obviously ‘dress up’ every week for TARDIS Tuesday. This week’s one IS rather costumey and could be construed as a very Halloweeny outfit!
    Funnily enough, my sartorial choices this week, whilst being away in Northumberland, are very much in keeping with yours here (no pictures). I bought a lovely new wide, wired headscarf at the weekend and have been wearing it with high waisted, wide legged trousers. I finally learnt how to tie a wired headband. Feeling dumb for having been doing it wrong all this time!
    I love your outfit and really love all the trousers you have been wearing.

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