I’m Blue

No, not “blue” as in “sad”, I’m just running out of titles and that cheesy dance song just came into my head (if anyone has it stuck in their head now, I am so sorry.) Anyway, here is my attempt to style this dress more casually. I still had to add a brooch, of course – the dress is the perfect blank canvas for brooches and pins – but it’s an embroidered brooch, which again, is more casual than the silver one I wore last time. The flats are still pretty dressy, but I always think of flats as more casual than heels. However, I think this dress needs heels. It hits me at an unflattering place, and with heels, my legs wouldn’t look so dumpy. But that’s the fun of experimenting with fashion, isn’t it? You figure out what works and what doesn’t as you go along.

3 Comments on “I’m Blue”

  1. I really like these shoes with the dress. With all of the delicate strappiness, they do look dressy in spite of being flat. Cool embroidered pin!

  2. Hello, I like the flats. They give you a ballet look. Did you make your pin or was it one of your finds?

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