Blue Floral

I wore this to the showing of my students’ thesis films (our equivalent of a thesis dissertation) a few weeks ago. I always try to dress up a little for these thesis meetings, but nothing too colorful or funky to avoid distracting the students, who are nervous enough as it is. This thrifted dress fits the bill perfectly – the print makes it dressy enough, but the silhouette is more businesslike, and I kept the whole outfit more “serious” by pairing it with black accessories. My only problem with the dress is that it’s made out of this weird fabric (it’s one of the dangers of thrifting online, you can’t rely on the seller’s description) that is too thin for the colder seasons yet too stiff for warm weather. I guess I’ll just save it for the two weeks of fall/spring we have each year.

4 Comments on “Blue Floral”

  1. Despite the weird fabric, it is a very pretty dress! I like it with the black heels. I wouldn’t have thought to do that.


  2. You have an eye for beautiful clothes.

  3. Helen says:

    That’s a really pretty dress on you.
    I know it’s a trick of the light, but in the last photo it looks as if your shoes aren’t on the ground and you’re levitating!

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