SIA Inspiration: Amber Share

It’s my turn to host SIA, and I decided to pick something a little different. I know not a lot of us got to travel this year due to the pandemic (I was super lucky that I got to go to Russia and get back before everything shut down), so when I saw these funny travel posters for US national parks by designer Amber Share, based on one-star reviews, I immediately knew I wanted to use one of them as inspiration for SIA. After some deliberation, I decided to choose this one for the Sequoia National Park in California:

I chose it mainly because it’s funny, but also because the colors – shades of green and brown – are what I’ve been wearing a lot lately, so I’m naturally drawn to them. You can see more posters here and buy them here, if you want. Remember to send your outfits to me ( by next Tuesday, September 8th. Have fun!


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