Too Hot

Hanoi just went through a record-breaking heatwave – 65 days of non-stop, scorching sun. We’ve had long heatwaves before, but those usually lasted just 10 days to two weeks, with some rain in between, but this year, it was relentless. But then again, everything has been so shitty this year, so why shouldn’t the weather be too, right?

Anyway, during the heatwave, this is what I usually wear. When it is really hot, I find pants much more cooling than dresses (no bike shorts to wear underneath!) and these camp-collar shirts are as comfy as pajama tops while still looking put-together. Looking at these photos now, I realize that the red shirt may look better tied instead of tucked into the jeans, but I’ve never successfully managed the tie-front look, so I just defaulted to tucking.


2 Comments on “Too Hot”

  1. Those pants do look breezy! I wear dresses longer dresses sans bicycle shorts, so they are pretty cool too. Both tops look really nice tucked! I hope your weather is now getting back to normal.

    • Salazar says:

      Thanks, Michelle! I bike to work, so when I wear skirts and dresses, I wear bike shorts underneath for modesty (plus, no sweaty thighs), which is why I just opt for pants when it’s really, really hot. Thankfully, we’ve had some rain so it’s not so scorching anymore.

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