One Pair Of Culottes, Two Ways

These culottes are quickly becoming my favorite thrifted piece. They are neutral, so they go with pretty much any top and any style in my closet – like here, where I style them in a more casual way with the white linen top, and a more preppy way with my plaid button-up. Plus, they have the silhouette of a skirt, but since they are actually pants, they allow me to ride my bike without having to wear bike shorts underneath, and I’m telling you, in this 100+ heat, that really is a blessing. The only downside is that they don’t have pockets! I mean, why? No pockets on dresses and skirts I can understand (I’m annoyed about it, but it’s the norm), but why no pockets on culottes?!


2 Comments on “One Pair Of Culottes, Two Ways”

  1. I LOVE these culottes! They LOOK just like a full skirt…but for me the advantage of the “split leg” is NO INNER THIGH SWEATING! Ha. When it’s hot and your thighs rub together as you walk in a dress…sweeeaaatttt…and sometimes a bad rash. This would prevent that!

    Plus, the (it?) look so comfortable with that nice elastic waist and full pleating.


    • Salazar says:

      Yeah, I’m definitely navigating more toward super wide-leg culottes like these instead of skirt – they’re just so much more comfortable!

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