SIA Inspiration: Tlingit Mask

It’s Kim’s turn to host SIA, and she decides to pick this as the inspiration:

This is a ceremonial mask of the Tlingit people of Alaska, and Kim picked it because, well, mask-wearing is a hot topic in the US at the moment, isn’t it? Honestly, I don’t get it. How hard is it to wear a mask? Most Vietnamese people wear masks during our commute, pandemic or not, because the air is so polluted and we’d be breathing in dust and exhaust fume otherwise. And if we can wear masks in 100+ degree heat, then anyone claims masks make it harder to breathe is talking out of their asses.

Anyway, remember to send your outfit to Kim ( by next Tuesday, July 14th. And wear your masks (I mean in general, but if you can match your mask to your outfit, which I’ve seen some people do, it’ll be great too!)

3 Comments on “SIA Inspiration: Tlingit Mask”

  1. Mike says:

    Exactly. That’s what I said in one of my blog posts last week (check out the 4th of July post). People, it is not that difficult to wear a damn mask! It’s not difficult to not gather in large groups and practice physical distancing. This is why cases are spiking here.
    I don’t understand…
    I’ll keep much of my ranting about this to myself, but you get the idea. Just please keep in mind that we’re not all stubborn like this over here. My masks are practically molded to my face now, lol. Even the disposable ones are washable and can withstand a few cycles in the washing machine. I admitted a while back that it was too hot to go around in my “Darth Vader” outfit (that you liked) but I’m still being extremely cautious when I go out. I NEVER leave home without a mask, even to go for a walk.
    Since it has become such a part of me now, I even thought about drawing and painting on mine, give it a good custom job!

  2. Kezzie says:

    The number of people not wearing masks on trains is so frustrating! I’ve not had a day without there being someone on my journey without one. It’s pathetic! I am absolutely roasting hot after cycling when I get on my train and the hear radiates under my mask and I can cope with It, however unpleasant it is, so I just don’t get the selfish reluctance.
    This is going to be challenging….not sure I have things in these colours…

  3. Mike says:

    I know, Kezzie, right?! I was just in the grocery store this morning doing a little shopping and I must have counted at least 10-15 people in there not wearing masks! It’s so irritating! Sometimes I want to just kick every single person I see not wearing a mask (and I’m not a violent person).
    Like you, I can deal with the heat. I wear dark clothes in the heart of summer (absolutely no shorts for me!) and walk to places that I need to go in the hot sun. Wearing a mask is a minor but necessary detail for me. I honestly don’t get the selfishness of people either…

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