Castaways And Cutouts

As I mentioned in my post last week, I’ve resolved to only buy secondhand from now on, including accessories and shoes. However, I’ve discovered that the business for secondhand shoes in Vietnam is not as thriving as for clothes – I haven’t found a lot of secondhand stores that sell shoes, and those that do only carry tiny sizes. But it doesn’t matter. I have enough shoes, and it makes it much more special when I found a pair that I like and fit me – like these cutout heels, for example. (And of course, that’s why I title my post after an album by The Decembrists. There are cutouts on my shoes and my shirt, and my shoes are kind of castaways, being secondhand and all.) I keep the rest of the outfit simple, since I think the shoes provide enough interest.

3 Comments on “Castaways And Cutouts”

  1. Mike says:

    Very stylish, Salazar. I like how both your top and your shoes sort of “play off each other” in terms of design. It is a nice look for you and quite appropriate for the summer-like days that we’re now experiencing. How’s the weather been behaving over there?

  2. The clean lines of this look are so you. You look stunning!

  3. Kezzie says:

    It’s such an attractive look. I can never find second hand shoes in thrift shops in my size either, though I can find them on eBay- though, not as prolifically as other size can!

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