Blazer It Up

Although I’m working from home these days, occasionally I still have an online video conference, meaning I have to appear a little dressed up than usual. You may notice that I said “appear” – since I’m only showing my torso, it doesn’t really matter what I wear on the bottom. So what I do is simply throw a blazer on top of my outfit, like here, and I’m instantly dressed up. Of course, for these photos, I had to tuck in my shirt and put on actual shoes, but otherwise, I’m pretty much wearing a blazer on top of pajamas here.

2 Comments on “Blazer It Up”

  1. Mike says:

    That works! I have a virtual meeting later this morning and I dress in my usual garb that I wear if I were actually at work. The only difference is that I’m not wearing shoes and my pants are a little more tattered than what I would wear for work (old pants that I only wear in my house). Other than that, I pretty much look the same from the chest up.
    Even in casual clothes, you still look great!

  2. Kezzie says:

    Ah, that’s such a great outfit! You look super! Tempted to imitate this outfit…

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