I Don’t Want To Wait

Here’s another piece I’ve been wanting to style for a while – it’s a cotton vintage dress I bought earlier this year, and I’m waiting until summer so I can wear it more regularly. But now, stuck at home and bored, I thought, why wait? I could wear it now. Plus, I need to take it to a tailor’s before I can wear it on its own, so it’s a good excuse to try the old “layering with a sweater” trick. What I did is to belt the dress, tuck the sweater into it, and pull it up and let it drape down to hide the belt. I quite like it, and now that I’ve learned that trick, hopefully I’m going to wear more dresses in the winter.

(The post title is kind of a Dawson’s Creek reference, but I was never a fan. I preferred my teen dramas with a bit more sci-fi – I remembered watching shows like Roswell and Smallville. I think I would’ve loved Buffy if it was shown in Vietnam back then, but by the time I saw it in college, I’d outgrown those shows. I do like the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack though, hence the reference to the theme song.)

2 Comments on “I Don’t Want To Wait”

  1. Mike says:

    Go for it, Salazar! I always think that you look great in dresses. And what better time to experiment with outfit combos than right now, right?

    I never got into teen dramas myself, as most of the scenarios were so “meh” to me (I wasn’t the “typical teen”), and like you, I’ve outgrown them now and couldn’t get into them, even if I tried. Some of the ones that I’ve glanced at that come on now are very “cookie cutter” in that they’re all virtually the same. Or maybe I’m just looking at them through the eyes of an old man.

  2. […] boredom and stumbled upon a few local vintage/second-hand shops – it’s where I got this dress, this dress, and the dress I’m wearing here. You can imagine my excitement, and I’ve […]

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