SIA Inspiration: Edward Hopper 4.0

It’s Kim’s turn to host SIA, and she picked this painting suggested by long-time SIA participant, Mike:

This is “Carolina Morning” by SIA’s favorite artist, Edward Hopper (it’s the fourth time he was featured in SIA!) and Mike suggested it because it’s very appropriate for quarantine time, when we’re all stuck at home. I mean, a lot of Hopper’s paintings are appropriate for quarantine time. Plus, there are a lot of nice colors here to play with, and if the weather is warming up where you are, you can even recreate the woman’s outfit. Just remember to send your outfits to Kim ( by next Tuesday, April 21st. Have fun and stay safe!

One Comment on “SIA Inspiration: Edward Hopper 4.0”

  1. Mike says:

    Hey! I’m so glad that my suggestion was selected for the next SIA project! I’ll be all over this one!
    Thank you all so much!

    Yeah, with us all in lockdown, I felt this would be a great SIA painting to work with. And as you said Salazar, Hopper’s paintings are well known for their “loneliness” appearance. I did a research paper on his work back in college and this was one of the paintings that I focused on writing about, along with his 1940, “Gas” painting.

    Thanks again everyone for going along with my suggestion! I greatly appreciate it. 🙂

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