The Pool At The Jas De Bouffan

So here’s my outfit for this week’s SIA, inspired by Paul Cézanne’s “The Pool at the Jas de Bouffan“. It’s pretty self-explanatory – I built it around the main colors of the painting, used the textures of my pants, sweater, scarf, and even boots to mimic the brushstrokes, and of course, added my leaf brooch as a nod to all the trees. Luckily, we suddenly had a cold snap, so I was able to pull out my scarf and sweater for this.

In other news, our government has just issued an “official” order for social distancing, but my family has been kind of isolating ourselves for about two weeks already, so our daily routine hasn’t changed much. It’s also good that none of us is exactly a social butterfly, and we have a big garden, so we don’t feel too boxed in. I hope everybody is doing well. Hang in there!

2 Comments on “The Pool At The Jas De Bouffan”

  1. Mike says:

    Awesome! This is a great look for you! I love how you matched your outfit colors to the painting.

    Yep, sounds like we’re all in the same boat now. Our state governor issued the “social distancing” order (I prefer to call it physical distancing as I’m pretty much an introvert anyway) a while back so we’re all asked to stay home. Like you, we’ve been shutting ourselves in too, long before the order took place. My mom can work from home, and my place of employment is of course closed (until at least May).
    Just taking it day by day…
    I’m doing okay; not nearly as anxious as when this first started, but still being careful. I’m thankful for our house and not living in an apartment like we were a year ago. I can at least enjoy the “lake” in our backyard!

    You too! Hang in there!

  2. I completely overlooked the gray in the painting. I love all of the textures you brought in, especially the scarf!

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