To Belt Or Not To Belt

After my failed attempt to pair these tall boots with my wide-leg jeans, I moved on to a different pairing – with this skirt. This outfit looks much better, in my opinion, even though (or precisely because) I looked like an extra in Annie Hall. The only quibble I have is that I’m not sure which way looks better – belting the blazer or belting the skirt. Belting the skirt is more comfortable (I didn’t have to constantly adjust the bulk of the blazer around my waist), but belting the blazer is a trendier look. Which one do you prefer?


3 Comments on “To Belt Or Not To Belt”

  1. Miss Hued says:

    Belting the blazer looks cute, but impractical. I think belting the skirt still looks great and gives you some flexibility.

  2. Kezzie says:

    I like it unbelted. It’s a lovely, comfy looking outfit with a variety of textures.

  3. An Chi says:

    Id go for belting the skirt, it flatters your body.

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