SIA Inspiration: Edgar Degas 2.0

It’s my turn to host SIA, and here’s my pick:

This is, of course, Edgar Degas’s famous sculpture, “The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer“. We’ve featured one of Degas’s “dancer” paintings on SIA before, so I decided it would be fun to go with his sculpture this time around (actually, my outfit for that challenge would work for this one as well.) I like this for the neutral color scheme, and you can also use the ballet theme as a source of inspiration. Remember to send me your outfits by next Tuesday (February 11th) to be featured in the round-up. Have fun!

One Comment on “SIA Inspiration: Edgar Degas 2.0”

  1. Oh, I love the work of Degas. Was fortunate to see some on my one and only trip to Paris. Could have studied it for hours. Can’t wait to play dress-up for this piece.

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