Adventures In Watercolor: Doodlewash June 2019 pt III

I just remember that I never got around to posting the last batch of my Doodlewash paintings. I feel a little bad about posting them three months after the challenge ended, but at least it’s better than not posting them at all.

I tried painting crystals instead of “stones”… but they didn’t turn out well

I’m really happy about how the paper bag turned out in the “Berries” one. The berries are… OK

Overall, it’s been really fun to do these small paintings. I even won a small prize – a watercolor pad – for “perseverance” from the Facebook group where I learned about the challenge in the first place! I’ve been busy since school started so I haven’t painted anything new, but the prize has given me an idea for a new project. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to complete it, but I will definitely post it on the blog once I’m done.

One Comment on “Adventures In Watercolor: Doodlewash June 2019 pt III”

  1. These are all so pretty! I love that pumpkin one a LOT.

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