Dressing Up A Dress

One of the reasons I don’t wear dresses that often is because a dress is an entire outfit on its own – I know, that’s precisely the reason some people only wear dresses, because they’re supposedly easier, but for me, I find that a bit boring. You can change the shoes and the accessories, but it still looks the same, unlike separates where you can combine different colors and silhouettes.

When I try styling a dress differently, like with this one, I’d usually end up with this – overwrought and overthought. I thought it looked OK when I first put it on, but now looking back at the photos, I see that it’s a mess – the shoes and the belt don’t go with each other, the shoes don’t go with the dress, and the brooch is not necessary. I guess I just need to stop overthinking it and let the dress shine on its own.

2 Comments on “Dressing Up A Dress”

  1. It’s so funny you say dresses are outfits on their own, because I’ve been feeling lately like it’s really fun to create different looks around dresses! I guess it depends on the style of dress – if you had a sleeveless dress, it could be layered over tops, under cardigans, alone with a belt, under a tee shirt, etc… all sort of different looks! I’ve been thinking about making a video on styling a black dress 5 different ways, so this will be my challenge to make it look like five different outfits!

    I like this as it is, I wouldn’t have noticed the shoes and belt not quite matching if you hadn’t said anything!


  2. You look stunning in this dress. It’s such a great summer in the Provence style. You really rock dresses.

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