SIA: Star Catchers

Welcome to another week of SIA! As a reminder, this week’s inspiration is “The Star Catcher” by Spanish surrealist Remedios Varo:

Let’s get to our participants! First up is Mike, who braved the heat to wear a sweater (gods, even the thought of a sweater is enough for me to break out in heat rash right now), because it works so well to mimic the painting:

My SIA co-host Kim chose this amazing fringe cardigan to mimic the “flaming look” in the painting:

Up next, my other co-host Daenel managed to find a lovely gold top for her outfit – the lace and the color are spot-on:

Up next, Leslie chose a striped T-shirt and open-weave cardigan to represent the radiating lights in the painting:

And finally, here’s me:

That’s it for another SIA challenge. I love how everybody seems to go for a similar silhouette, yet how different all the outfits are. And that’s the fun of SIA! Make sure to come back next week for Daenel’s pick of the inspiration!

6 Comments on “SIA: Star Catchers”

  1. Kezzie says:

    These all look so good! I got my outfit ready for this yesterday but ended up forgetting I’d got it it and wearing something else to go out! For the third, I was going for the checkerboard floor with the caramel shades on toop!

  2. I lost sight of what day it was/is and forgot to forward you my photo–so sorry! I’m sooo glad that Leslie is back with us. And, gah! Mike! How could you wear that sweater?! I love all of the angles of the wood Mike included, too. @Kezzie we missed you! ❤ . Those paper bag pants are so cute on you, Salazar!

    • Mike says:

      Ha! I know, right?! It was sweltering hot the day that I took my photo. And as you can see from the photo, my room is basically made up of wood, which holds in heat really well.
      But like I told Salazar, I only had to endure it for about 5 minutes; long enough to take a picture and I was back in a t-shirt right after that.

      Everyone did great, as always. We miss you, Kezzie! And welcome back, Leslie!

    • Salazar says:

      It’s OK, Kim. I can just drop by your blog and grab the photo – it’s actually easier that way!

  3. I like all the interpretations. I never would’ve thought to use pink. Nice. And I agree, Kezzie, we miss you.

  4. mommyhon333 says:

    I have missed doing this with you guys. Going to try very hard to get back in the swing of things. Out of town one more time for another visit to my mom and then I should be home for months to come. Looking forward to the next art from Daenel.

    I like how we all saw something different in this dynamic art. Kim’s fringe was perfect! Love the color of Daenel’s top. Your paper bag pants were a great interpretation. And the texture in Mike’s sweater mimics the texture in the art. Well done, one and all. Glad to be back among friends.

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