Black And Brown

Animal prints are having a bit of a moment, aren’t they? I remember when I first started the blog (oh gods was it really eight years ago?!), animals prints were everywhere, but they were often on accessories like shoes, belts, and bags. The current trend seems to be animal prints on actual clothes, which to be honest, I find a little much.

Still, when I saw this pin, I thought it’s a good interpretation of the trend without being too much (it helps that it’s a skirt and not a blouse.) I don’t have a leopard-print skirt, but I do have a brown-and-black print skirt. However, when I put the outfit together, I had a brain fart moment. I completely forgot about my brown sandals and wore my black loafers instead. To be fair, though, I’ve worn those sandals a lot lately, so maybe it’s good to give them a break.

One Comment on “Black And Brown”

  1. Mike says:

    A nice put together look for you. This would actually be great for the current SIA project, as your outfit has many of the same neutral colors.

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