Errand Clothes

I just wore this to run a few errands, but then I caught a glimpse of myself in some store window and thought, hey, that doesn’t look half bad, maybe I should take some photos! It helps that I’m wearing my new embroidered top (the boutique where I buy most of my embroidered tops and linen pants just had their annual sale.) Usually when I run errands or go to the store, I just throw on whatever clean things that are lying around and are not pajamas, but this top is more or less like a linen T-shirt anyway, so I don’t feel so dressed up.

Do you guys have specific clothes for errands (not as nice as your work clothes but not as ratty as your wearing-around-the-house clothes), or do you just wear whatever’s on hand?

My cat wasn’t impressed

3 Comments on “Errand Clothes”

  1. Your errand clothing is really nice, lol, I will wear pretty much whatever!

  2. rabbitstylenews says:

    My errand clothes are the same as my not-summer wearing-around-the-house clothes, often jeans and a t-shirt. If it’s a pair of rough at-home jeans because I’ve been out in the garden or painting or doing yard work, I might change to a less-ratty pair. This summer I’ve been wearing running shorts and tank tops at home because of the heat and to encourage me to do a quick workout at any moment, and generally I find errand stores too cold inside for shorts and a tank top thus the outfit change before going out.

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