Graduation Ceremony

Happy belated Fourth of July to my US readers! Hope you guys had a great celebration.

Last week, I’ve shared what I wore to be on the thesis committee, and this week, here’s what I wore to my students’ graduation ceremony. It’s a semi-formal occassion, so of course, I brought out my traditional Vietnamese áo dài.  I was quite happy to realize that my shoes match the buttons and the stitching on the tunic almost exactly, and they added a nice pop of color. For a sentimental touch, I also added a brooch that my students gave me for Teacher’s Day last year.

The students, however, all decided to wear dresses instead, and I don’t blame them – áo dài can be uncomfortable/difficult to move around in (mine isn’t because it’s made of linen and has a looser fit.) My only problem with wearing áo dài, in fact, is that it’s a set, which means you can’t really mix and match it (I do wear the pants separately though). But it’s for special occassions only, so it’s fine.

3 Comments on “Graduation Ceremony”

  1. Mike says:

    Congratulations to your students (and you!) for completing another semester! Your students will go on to do great things in film because of your teaching. 🙂

    And thank you! Another 4th of July has come and gone. I didn’t do too much (because it was so hot). I didn’t even go see fireworks, which really isn’t worth all of the trouble. I just enjoyed my day off!

  2. K. Dotty says:

    Your traditional clothing is beautiful – I have never seen anyone wearing áo dài before. I like it when we can honor our heritage through clothing, even if only saved for a special occasion. I own a traditional shawl from my husband’s clan, but even that can be tricky to work into a “casual” outfit. Love the brooch!

  3. voguefauxreal says:

    What a lovely outfit! The tunic is beautiful and I love the pop of color in the buttons (and that your shoes matched the buttons so perfectly). The brooch is just beautiful and what a neat remembrance of a past class. You look lovely and congratulations on graduating another class!


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