SIA Inspiration: Maurice Prendergast

Happy the start of summer! I hope you guys are enjoying your summer wherever you are, because honestly, I’m not. It’s just too damned hot over here (last week it was in the 100s again, with a heat index of 120F!!!) Anyway, I still want to pick something to celebrate summer with SIA, and here it is:

This is “Children at the Beach“, a watercolor painting by Post-Impressionist Maurice Prendergast. As you know, I’ve been painting with watercolor again lately, and it is usually quite difficult to find classic watercolor paintings since the medium is not as steady as oil paint, so I’m quite happy to have discovered Prendergast’s work. There are a lot of soft, delicate colors here, and you can put together some beach-inspired, summery outfits for this. Don’t forget to send them to me by next Tuesday, July 2nd. Enjoy!

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